A wealth of experience in setting up tech companies, advising and consulting for large organisations and participating as an expert in several multi/ cross-national committees.

  • I have co-founded two UK-based companies (Ethrion and Ubitech).
  • I advise several larger companies, organisations and governments mainly on ICT matters. I have worked in several countries including the EC, UK, France, Finland, Greece, Portugal, US, Canada, Belgium, Qatar, Malaysia.
  • I sit in the WWRF Steering Board and chair the WG on ‘5G-enabled e/m-Health’ as part of the Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) of the Forum.
  • I am the WWRF liaison officer in the ITU-R WP5A.
  • NetWorld2020 expert.
  • Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education (HQA) external expert.

  • GLG Consulting Expert.