Instead of an academic prologue I present to you, our vision on 5G in the form of a white paper by the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF). You will notice that in the paper academics, technologists as well as medical doctors share their vision on the things bound to come so to provide people with options and remedial opportunities using advanced technologies.


I have the following expertise and research interests:

  • 5G and Beyond Networks (AI/ML, URLCC, mMTC, slicing, verticals)
  • AI-enabled Gaming, Rehabilitation Gaming
  • IoT, Autonomous and Ubiquitous Networks (softwarisation, routing, machine learning, security, public cloud)
  • Emergency Communications (TETRA, D2D, LTE, 5G)
  • Cognitive and Green Radio (spectrum holes, resource management, opportunistic access)
  • Spectrum Regulations (spectrum policy, ITU-R)


I have participated as PI, researcher, project manager in the following projects:

EU (FP5, 6, 7 and H2020)

  • FP5 EVOLUTE (seamlEss multimedia serVices Over alL IP-based infrastrUcTurEs) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €350k (Sept 2001 – Aug 2003) – lead researcher
  • FP5 DRIVE (Dynamic Multi-Radio Networks in Vehicular Environments) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €300k (Sept 1999 – Aug 2001) – researcher
  • FP5 OverDRIVE (Spectrum Efficient Uni- and Multicast Services Over Dynamic Multi-Radio Networks in Vehicular Environments) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €300k (Sept 2001 – Aug 2003) – researcher
  • FP5 STRIKE (SpecTRally efficient fIxed wireless networK basEd on dual standards) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €360k (Jan 2002 – Dec 2004) – lead researcher
  • FP6 Network of Excellence (NoE) in Exploiting Wireless to Enhance the Educational Experience in Europe (EWE4) with CCSR/ University of Surrey (Sept 2003 – Aug 2006) – lead researcher
  • FP6 CAMELLIA (Interdomain AAA and Aware security of Mobile multimedia sErvices over aLL IP-based network infrAstructures) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €400k (Sept 2003 – Mar 2006) – lead researcher
  • FP6 AMBIENT NETWORKS (IP project) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €400k (Sept 2004 – Aug 2007) – researcher
  • FP6 MAGNET (IP project) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €400k (Sept 2004 – Aug 2007) – lead researcher
  • FP6 e-SENSE (Capturing Ambient Intelligence for Mobile Communications through Wireless Sensor Networks)  with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €500k (Sept 2004 – Aug 2007) – researcher (and member of proposal writing team)
  • FP6 UNITE (VIRTUAL DISTRIBUTED TESTBED FOR OPTIMISATION AND COEXISTENCE OF HETEROGENEOUS SYSTEMS) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €650k (Sept 2005 – Aug 2008) – project manager/ lead researcher (author of proposal with Jonathan Rodriguez)
  • FP6 DISCREET (Discreet Service Provision in Smart Environments) with CCSR/ University of Surrey – €350k (Sept 2005 – Aug 2007) – project manager
  • FP6 E2R (IP project) with Ofcom, UK – lead researcher
  • FP6 E3 (IP project) with Ofcom, UK – lead researcher
  • FP7 PEACE (IP-Based Emergency Applications and Services for Next Generation Networks) with Kingston University – €420k (Sept 2008 – Feb 2011) – PI
  • FP7 PROACTIVE (Predictive reasoning and multi-source fusion empowering Anticipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban Environments) with Kingston University – €380k (May 2012 – June 2015) – PI
  • FP7 SALUS (Security and Interoperability in Next Generation PPDR Communication Infrastructures) with Kingston University – €280k (Sept 2013 – Sept 2016) – PI
  • FP7 RESCUE (Links-on-the-fly Technology for Robust, Efficient and Smart Communication in Unpredictable Environments) with Ubitech – €150k (Nov 2013 – Nov 2016) – PI
  • ARTEMIS ACCUS (Adaptive Cooperative Control of Urban Subsystems) with Ubitech – €200k (Sept 2013 – Aug 2016) – PI
  • COST 3D-ConTourNet “3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks“, with Kingston University – €10k (May 2013 – May 2016) – PI
  • H2020 GABLE (GAMIFICATION FOR A BETTER LIFE) with Ubitech – €210k (Nov 2016 – Oct 2019) – PI
  • ERASMUS+ K2 NEREUS (Next gEneration netwoRked mEdia over 4G+ infrastrUctureS) with Kingston University – €60k (Nov 2016 – Oct 2019) – PI

UK EPSRC, TSB/ Innovate UK

  • EPSRC/ Mobile VCE, ‘ETSI HiperLAN/2 Resource Management, Mobility Management and Security’ with CCSR/ University of Surrey, funded PhD (Christos Politis, 1999-2004).
  • TSB Smart, Development of Prototype, UBINET (Ubiquitous Network) with Ubitech – £130k (of which £30k for KU) (Apr 2012 – Mar 2014) – PI
  • Innovate UK in collaboration with Cubic/ Vocality International Inc. and Kingston University – £320k (Jan 2016 – Dec 2018) – PI (with Maria Martini)
  • EPSRC, DARE (Distributed Autonomous and Resilient Emergency Management System) with University of Surrey (5GIC), University of Glasgow and University of Malaya, Malaysia – £550k (May 2017 – April 2020) – PI
  • Innovate UK funded in collaboration with Pangea and Kingston University London – £280k (Jan 2019 – Dec 2021) – PI
  • KU (HEFCE supported) GCRF funded project in collaboration with University of Kathmandu, Nepal and University of Malaya, Malaysia on GABLE Gaming Platform – £40k (Apr 2019 – Jul 2020) – PI
  • KU (HEFCE supported) GCRF funded project in collaboration with University of Kathmandu, Nepal and University of Malaya, Malaysia on UbiTheraPlay Gaming Platform – £35k (Dec 2020 – Jul 2021) – PI
  • KU (Seedcorn funding) on AI-enhanced Gaming with Kids Therapy Works Ltd – £10k (Jun – Aug 2022) – PI

Industry/ Commercial

  • “Digitising questionnaire based surveys to improve the efficiency and privacy of data collection” funded by the WHO – $20k, Dec 2021 – May 2022
  • “Ubiquitous and Smart Traffic Lights System in Support of Food Delivery” funded by the WHO – $20k, Jan-March 2021
  • WWRF IEG contributions to ITU-R WPD – €(undisclosed)k, Jan-Dec 2022
  • WWRF IEG contributions to ITU-R WPD – €(undisclosed)k, Jan-Dec 2021
  • WWRF IEG contributions to ITU-R WPD – €(undisclosed)k, Jan-Feb 2020
  • WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) WG8 (till 2013), WGD: Radio Communication Technologies (till 2017) and EMW VIP WG chair and Steering Board Member with Kingston University – €100k, 2013-2020
  • I have also won smaller projects with Vodafone UK, RIM Canada, ETRI Korea, Motorola UK, UK Police

 PhD Students


  • Nuwan Weerasinghe, ‘Asymmetric Cryptography for Mobile Adhoc Networks‘, 2014
  • Alexandros Ladas, ‘Software-enabled Routing for Mobile Adhoc Networks’, 2014
  • Sundire Madhekwana,Ubiquitous Networking Towards Realisation of the 5G Paradigm‘, 2016
  • Gordon Johnson, ‘Deep-learning enabled Gaming Platform in Support of Disabled People‘, 2019
  • Amila Wijeratne Uhanowitage, ‘An AI-Driven Innovative Decision-making Framework for Digital Health Data‘, 2022
  • Aram Babayan, ‘ Technical and Security Implementation Framework for Digital Health Behavioural Data Processing’, 2022 


  • Nadeem Akhtar, ‘Routing and Interworking Protocols for Next Generation Wireless Networks’, completed 2007 (2nd supervisor)
  • Michael Georgiades, ‘Context Transfer Support for Mobility Management in All-IP Networks’, completed 2008 (2nd supervisor)
  • Arvind Ramrekha, ‘Cognitive and Adaptive Routing Framework for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks completed 2012 (1st supervisor)
  • Mahdi Pirmoradian, ‘Radio Resource Management for Cognitive Radio Networks‘, completed 2012 (1st supervisor)
  • Manos Panaousis, ‘Security for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks’, completed 2012 (1st supervisor)
  • Grant Millar, ‘The Optimisation of Peer-to-Peer Overlays for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks‘, completed 2013 (1st supervisor)
  • Olayinka Adigun, ‘Energy and Spectrum Efficient Future Wireless Networks‘, completed 2014 (1st supervisor)
  • Fariborz Entezami, ‘Link-Quality based Routing Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks’, completed 2016 (1st supervisor)
  • Valdemar Monteiro, ‘Energy-Efficient Cooperative Resource Allocation for OFDMA’, completed 2016 (1st supervisor)
  • Ahora Mehdi Toussi, ‘Energy and Coverage Considerations for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)’, completed 2017 (1st supervisor)